Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One thing I know is I must survive - Discourse on the difference between "Obama yall" and "pallytricks"

Does it matter that the Public Defender has shirked his duty of doing a report on the Tivoli Incursion of May 2010?

Does it really matter??

What's the point of having a public duty in Jamaica really? Is it really all a joke ting where negligence of duty and corruption are paraded and applauded? I really want to know if it matters. A Prime Minister hastily resigned because of "Tivoli" and took off to the United States for a toe injury. And the Public Defender didn't give a damn to do the report.

I look at heroes like Reverend Al Miller. Transporting a criminal to the airport in order to stop fuckery. Widescale fuckery. Then being arrested later for picking plums on the roadside. Lil faux pas of having his licensed firearm left on the seat of his car which led to it being stolen while he plumpicked. But yeah, Rev had courage. I wake up on Sundays and listen to the preachers. I will listen to them any day over the politicians. Because the preachers use the Bible as their text while the politicians cover their asses. When was the last time, a politician in Jamaica said "I was wrong." No! All they say is "it was the other party".

Reverend Al Miller transported Dudus to help him escape. The latter was extradited to the United States to face several criminal charges against the United States government. In Jamaica, Dudus was tolerated by all, loved by his community and protected by the government. His power has been dented. But the slackness of it all is far from over. There is no accountability in this country.

The Public Defender defends who? Exactly. Not the Prime Minister, Governor-General or Leader of the Opposition. Why was the report not done? Do you want this country to go up in flames and perish tomorrow? Do your job, god damn you! What is your point?! How horrified were you by the Tivoli Incursion? Were you even horrified Public Defender?

We accept slackness so much in this country. I said defiantly in Summer 2010 that the Incursion had done something to my resolve. Since I am single again and no longer distracted by a broken heart, I thought about what I could do on an unusually early evening home. I thought about how much my mother loves Barack Obama. She does not watch local television. Shi cyaa badda.

Barack Obama is a solution. The Americans look to him to solve a lot of problems, not just in America; but globally. He has a huge responsibility. They trust in him so much that they have re-elected him. He loves his wife and family who played an important role in his inauguration yesterday. The majority of the world see him as a form of solution. As Alicia Keys said, "Obama, yall". It is Obama, yall. A leader people believe in. That the youth are voting for. Who himself is pretty young, under 55. He is Martin Luther King Jr's dream, please believe me. He is black enough to be black. He is black. And he is the President of the United States of America. At his side, is his woman, his strong Black wife.

Listen to me. All the world's a stage. I'm aware. But! There is something called love. And something rightly called Change You Can Believe In. I'm tired of Jamaican leadership. When was the last time a Jamaican politician did the right thing? When was the last time a civil or public servant did a good job? In response to that question, the Contractor General received death threats a plenty, and did an outstanding job. I believe he has chosen not to renew his tenure. There are civil and public servants who do a good job and put in good work. But bwoi, when you answer to privileged, overweight men and women who just want their image to look good, your work will suffer at times. Your credibility more. But as the Public Defender, you should not give a damn about protecting the government. Why? Because the government is different from the public. You are to make sure our interests are protected. How could you?

Etana said in the video, Every day I rise on a prayer. In this country, I notice more and more young people are entering a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is our Head of State. The amount of fuckery people haffi deal wid a day time, might as well go fasting, prayer, bible study and Saturday/Sunday church. People have things to live for, sorry to say Satan. The system crushes but with salvation you have the strength to press on. I want to see preachers be as brave as Al Miller, who was arrested I believe and taken into custody. I want people to do their jobs! I do mine, so do yours! How on earth could you witness what happened in 2010 as a nation and not be pissed at an important duty like that being shirked? That waste man.

Listen mi, if you want this country to survive, you need young people. Young people want to leave. I don't necessarily want to leave because I love Jamaica too much. I love being here in this country, watching my people talk, laugh, smile, cuss, kiss teeth, fart, have b.o., bore on bus, swear that they will never suck pussy, drink roots, party, gamble, round robin, slow wine, fast wine, vigilante justice up di ting....well, anyway. Listen to mi, mi nah leave mi home. Mi sehh mi wudda leave fi find a man still, because the Jamaican man dem too superior in everything except being a good man. But, nah, mi doan si miself a leave. But my point is, and I say it all the time, give the yutes dem something to believe in. Or you'll find yourself with an old population, your youth gone abroad to give away your riches - their talent, brains, creativity and skills. Don't do it.

Public Defender, you want a lick!

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Jaquanda Rae said...

Recently, a Jamaican news programme did a poll to find out if the fact that the Public Defender had not done his report mattered to the public. I believe 70 mash percent said it didn't matter.

Yet, this is the same public who also voted on another poll on the same programme, with 100% saying they didn't expect any improvement for the new year. This country is sad sometimes.

Get a grip and believe that things can be better! Start by holding the leaders of the country accountable!