Thursday, November 22, 2012

Lion's Puss

I grew fat from emptiness,
which parched my flesh to bronze -
So he called me his bronze puss.
He lassoed me and carted me
to a lair by a brown river…
It seemed like enough.

The water pushed out my tripe.
My fat sidled away and I became full
of billions of bilious bilges, all inside
weeping out, after a while, the only
question: Captain, my Captain?
He used to talk to me as a tea drinker
would mix Earl Grey….with reverence
for the flavour.

But when my fat melted, he worried his knots
would sag on me. He stopped sleeping.
He grouched, and snarled daily, teeth
brown, breath shitfilled. I waited for him to

I slid out of my bonds with ease, and bolted.
Being chained for so long, my short thin legs
accelerated so fluidly, it took me all of a spook
to recognize the growing growl, gaining
and gaining. I refused to look behind.
Look to the hills! Look to the hills!
I neared a slope leading to the green plains.
I could smell his sweat now and I didn’t give a fuck.
I charged through the air, landing on the bed
of the grassy plateau.

I couldn’t get up….he had my ankle in his mouth.
It was wet with his tears and spit but pinned.

He dragged me slowly towards him.
The grass was not tall enough, it came
away in my hands. He looked at me, opened his mouth
to roar. I didn’t flinch at how much he disgusted me.
He closed his mouth, wondered and watched.
Finally he said, I’m sorry. Then he bit into my leg.
I’m sorry, then a chunk of my belly. I’m sorry.
Then I died.

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