Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fighting that good fight

Why destroy what music means to me? I won't let you.

The blog is back. Not sure how long.

I love beauty and hate ugliness which is intangible.

I have made progress. Hence the underworld has come out from the cracks to try to get me to throw away my gains, treasures and assets. To curse God and die.

I cursed God two and a half weeks ago. I said to Him: why have you done this to me? Why are you making me feel so much pain? Why make me grow up, be a woman and feel so wretched? I questioned God and was upset with Him.

He sent an angel to me later. To give me hope and show me that he would never make me feel pain without joy following. I apologized to God and thanked Him.

Being a woman is tough. Being a woman in love is tougher especially if you share a love that is pure amidst the impurities of the ordinary. I don't enjoy a lot of my life now. But I hold on. I hold on to the beauty of the small amount of truth that remains. The truth that is immense in its worth especially because of how scarce it is.

You can't run from love. When you find it, if it is yours to keep, it will never leave.

I labour to make my voice be heard. To break/hurdle over every irrelevant barrier that has no bearing on my values and how the world appears to me. It's tough to speak when the immediate audience seeks to yank each word and misuse, misconstrue and grieve the spirit of my thoughts. This blog will not remain public. I will start a new blog. Just winding down.

Jaquanda Rae.

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Jaquanda Rae said...

was going through a rough patch.