Friday, September 7, 2012

Soundtracks at 28 and Five Sixths

My blog has become utterly political. A moment of silence to commiserate the loss of carefree thoughts.

(I really took a few moments.)

My soundtracks at 26 1/2 were a prime example of abject devastation. I had lost my grandmother and I had lost my then greatest cerebral love. Jamaica was in turmoil with Dudus and BG. I felt at the time like I was walking through a desert in the midst of a tornado....mindlessly. But I had Kayla and my friends, my best friends. So, it was a rough time, but I still was able to cling to the positive.....

I still love John Legend. But he's happy now! Engaged! Fuck Maxine!!!!!

As I get older, I think I'm unwilling to embrace new music. I end up doing what everyone does when they start getting gray hair: I yearn for the glorious past. It's natural. So new hip hop and rap music, new Rhythm and Blues, new Reggae and Dancehall, new takes me a while to appreciate them. The good thing about music that music is not constructed in a way that a specific genre fan can be successfully criticized for what he likes. Music is greater than society's dictates. Just the fact that you enjoy music is enough. It really is.

In Jamaica these days, Tommy Lee is getting very famous.
I don't know if he has the wow factor to conquer the United States however. I don't appreciate him. I would hate for my niece Kayla to start singing his very popular song "Uncle Demon".....I'd really hate that. But then, when I consider that it was Kayla who first showed me the very fast and vigorous jerking of the batty movement for RDX's Make Yuh Body Jump which I posted as Practice Makes Perfect, plus the fact that she was wining to Gyptian's as well as Lady Saw's Hol Yuh before she could talk, and the fact that she deejays songs like Vegas' Brucky Dung now at age 3......the possibility exists that she knows of Tommy Lee, Uncle Demon......maybe even Daddy Devil.  She might even sing  his songs at school. I think she's a bigger fan of Michael Jackson though. So I have faith. :)

So, Tommy Lee is not on my soundtrack as I approach 29 years in a little over a month's time. Life is more like a song to me now. Various verses, breaks, the hook, the chorus slowly revealing its constancy. A video and a song stand out to me as I type. Love's Divine by Seal.

You know, when The Vicissitudes was not so Facebookish, the songs would have jumped out at me. But these years I've been posting videos at times. So, all of them in some way have shaped my life from 26 1/2 til now. I am also contemplating this one: Sun is shining/weather is sweet/makes you wanna move/your dancing feet/ To the rescue/ here I am/want you to know ya/ here I stand/Do ya understand? :)

I have a birthday coming up. Scared and happyish :) Thanks be to God and I lift the power of prayer higher than anything else. You have to lift prayer high for it to reach God.

Jaquanda Rae.

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