Thursday, April 26, 2012

Conquering Blue Mountain Peak

I am home nursing an injured knee and increasingly swelling ankles. Do you really think I would so naively risk my pictures being swiped again? Aaaaak.

Mi Nah Letty Guh!


Welcome to the Blue Mountains :) 7 grand mash above sea level at its peak....which I climbed ;)

I started out with two parrees. Ended up with around five :)

Nordia loves this pose :)

She's on my left, Anna-Kay on the right.

Assembling before take off. Group leader impressed on us (me)  to have decorum and desist from making jokes about dropping over cliffs. :O

Ya. We had to board a dumpa truck because the coaster  bus couldn't manage the narrow road.

Aboard the dumpa truck!

And unload!

Main parree and parree # 3 :)

Pep talk number unlisted :)

Penline Castle.....the end of manageability

Mhmmmmm :)

Adonde! Estas Miguel!!!!!!

Ya! Made it to the "top" of Jacob's Ladder.

We would be staying at a cabin in Portland Gap. But when would we reach this cabin???


Out door shower. Woodsy and finally feeling like Teen Spirit ;)

I was very. tired

He brimmed with energy and sunshine :)

I started to sift through the truth and white lies with more dexterity by Saturday.  "Boyfriend" tried to punk me by saying this board walk meant we were near the peak. Chu talking bout Willis?

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit :):)

How about I plop my ample ass on the dirt track and lean against the foliage?

Mhmmmm????? Kiss mi teet!

Danny did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There we have it: Sunset at Blue Mountain Peak.

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