Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yesterday was your 82nd birthday. It didn't hurt as much as last year.....I thought about you but I wasn't sad. There was no hurricane. I feel down though. Do you remember when you slid into my lap and called my name as a refrain? Or when we had our last hug and I listened to you swallowing rapidly and with difficulty? Yeah...I'm glad for those times though the memories of them are bittersweet. I thank God for you though. You were born on March 16, 1930 and that day and its anniversary will always be branded on my soul. I almost decided to get a new tattoo for you...a little oyster open with a lovely pearl inside.....somewhere on my lower back. I won't though, because I won't stop getting tattoos if I do that. I would move on to get tattoos for every other loved one that I lose, every time I have a baby. I'd rather commune with you.

I declare March 16 a blessed day. Happy Birthday Grandma. You know me, so you know that I love you so much and that when I do things that grieve your spirit, I don't mean to. I'm sorry. Two years Ma.....we're all counting, all of us. Your children, your grandchildren and your great grandchildren. Don't leave. Rest in Peace.

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