Friday, November 11, 2011


For I have loved you, and your mother with all my life and strength,

but especially you, the sickly last child who reminds me of myself.

Know that the love I have for you will bolster your spirit,

make you strong, make you believe in yourself,

make you know that you are not faint nor

faint in heart.

Do you realize that death, the greatest divider has only

bonded us closer together? I am not in your sight.

But my love for you, all my beloved family.....

I put a leaf on the poinciana,

a glimmer in your tears,

a burning in your guts.

Tell me you feel my love!

The man you loved who I did not love,

I liked him because you loved him.

And he destroyed who you were.

And I stood by you, grandchild,

and your mother, and your father,

and your sisters, and your aunts and uncles,

and all those who are fond of you.

And you became a new girl-woman.

Then the other man you loved,

I did not know until now,

as I watch you talk to your mother

over breakfast.....he told you

that you were weak and sick.

The flame died inside again.

But you bloomed again my daughter.

Your end has not come.

And now, I have left more than two Christmases.

And our love is complete.

You will see me in your mother's heart,

and your nieces' personalities.

I live in all rivers, all mountains,

the air you breathe.

Know that you can do anything through Christ,

who strengthens us all,

because I have departed without

causing your destruction.

You did not die when I did.

Know this and be glad, my child.

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