Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Matters Arising:

  • Ketch im/Hol im etc refers to the coconut bunch, the im or him being the collective noun for the bunch.
  • Big or Big and Idle - Silly's reference to me, which broadcasts that I am portly.
  • Morma/Mawma/Norma/Norman - unusual name of the persistent caller
  • Miss G - a misspelling of my Mom's last name
  • "Weh yuh neva talk?" which means "Why didn't you say something?" gasped by Silly in between his annihilation of a coconut's substance.
  • "You dog of no nation, puss of salvation"- a quote I borrowed from a storyteller called Joan Andrea Hutchinson.
  • The lovely music playing in the background......wondering if it was really from the ghetto down the road......
  • "Danielle" uttered in the first scene with my Dad catching the first load of coconuts, was uttered because my Dad likes when I help.....lol.

Any questions?

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