Monday, October 4, 2010

Hey :)

Hey everyone. I just want to say that I am very much here. I had to say hey because I'm noticing that I am getting more viewers from very exciting places....UKRAINE????! Many thanks for checking out the Vicissitudes. I have quite an interesting, not so deRELICTE work situation going on. But, I really believe I am going to write a wonderful little ditty-not on it. Heh Heh. It will touch on topics like: what exactly does kindness entail, prescribe and attract; this thing of faith according to Christianity....the best part where they say that without works it is dead; how I feel about life and perhaps I will have to do a part 2 based on a startling yet comforting conversation I had tonight with my best friend. I dunno, there is a lot to say...but only when I am in the spirit to etch it on my blog.

I am here everyone, the sun shines still and I do smile genuinely. Thank God for this beautiful gift of life.

Jaquanda Rae

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