Sunday, October 24, 2010

Grass Yard Market in Spanish Town, Jamaica

I come here once in a while, usually for inspiration. This time, I went there to take pictures. A poem or two may come too.

Bowcat the blind Chee Chip (Cheese Trix or Tiggaz) vendor

Sky Juice Vendor.....old time sinting (something)



And all these things :)

VYBZ KARTEL swears by BLUE or CAKE soap (laundry stain remover) in keeping his cool (read bleached) complexion
Jah First

I liked his produce...I liked him :)

"Local made Clarks"

I like scales :)

Guavas in a bucket


Hello Grandma :)

It is a nice change from reality, the market....yet it is real :)

Second market muse, first one had been a serious ganja smoker :)


My Mom and her possessive and jealous cart man....he's a sweetheart :)

A warm and earnest hustler who begged me not to take her pic, but her produce by all means :)

Was trying to protect identities....aww well :):)


Paul Bernard said...

These are good pictures. It looks chaotic and exciting at this market.

Jaquanda Rae said...

Thank you Paul ;)It's exactly as you surmise :)

Jaquanda Rae said...

My Mom had a lot to do with making this outing so special and "fruitful". She was so proud of her strange daughter snapping pix while the market ppl and buyers watched.....bemused/amused :)

Anonymous said...
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Jaquanda Rae said...
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