Monday, September 13, 2010

Pearl's Funeral

Never come to weep today, Pearl;
But, your children dropping
salt water in my belly bottom,
an’ nothing else nuh in there.                      

Granny teach me how to make
dumpling, steam fish
and stew peas…she love
all my man because
she love me.

She call mi name over and over,
the day, like to say:
Danielle, I having a stroke,
Danielle, I have pneumonia,
Danielle, the bed sores hurting mi,
Danielle, I going to die.
Danielle, I ready.
Danielle, let me die.

Sister Pearl, you don’t look nothing like
my Pearl. But your children sorrow is mine.

My Pearl gone. Mi love gone.
What I going do?

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