Tuesday, June 22, 2010


She laughs all over - with her crooked
teeth peeking out, grains of white sand
floating over an ocean of saliva mixed
with the day's sampling of life: moths,
cobwebs, carrots, a clump of chicken meat.

Her eyes glow when she laughs too;
flicker when she cries. I will them not to
in my mind. I say, just be ordinary,
please. For sanity's sake. Don't
be arresting; for these diamonds in your
face, will chain you to the omnipotence
of love. You will become a strange beast -
the light that once dazzled your lover
will only leave him terrified
of his desire for you.

She dances for me and I dance for her.
We listen to sad American music and hum together,
a gnarled smile and a fresh, untainted,
happy one. My niece, my heart.

When I leave for work each morning,
I bid her, give auntie a hug.
She flings her little arms around my neck.
My day begins with this mutual devotion;
what I have always wanted from a man -
what my little bab licks my wounds with.


bebestella said...

no better love sis. no better love :)

Jaquanda Rae said...