Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why Can't Smikle Smile?

Note: Jamaican dub poet and recording artiste DYCR, recorded a song by the name of Smikle. The title of this post borrows from this song.

I have tried so very hard to find a way to write about "Smikle"....I've been attempting to since February 2007. "Smikle" in the DYCR song is the last name of an oppressive employer. The refrain is:

Why can't Smikle smile on a Friday like he smiled on a Monday? Why can't Smikle smile on a Friday like he smiled on a Tuesday? Why can't Smikle smile on a Friday like he smiled on a Wednesday? Why can't Smikle smile on a Friday like he smiled on a Thursday? When Friday come Smikle not smiling. Smikle, pap off mi kile and mek mi smile.

DYCR tends to talk about topical and controversial matters affecting Jamaica and elsewhere. He adds humour to harsh topics with his colloquialisms and quaint pronunications. He is also a Rastafarian so the "Ras" mystique is also there to be enjoyed and admired.

There are various Smikles in this world. The poet speaks of a situation where his employer is reluctant to award him for his hard work via his weekly pay which traditionally is paid over at the end of the work week. So the voice of the poem cries "pop off my coil and make me smile." The use of the word coil (kile) draws the listener's attention to the blatant allusion to slavery. For what is labour without remuneration?

I want to use Smikle in the wide sense of the term oppressive employer. Not just in the area of unwillingness to monetarily compensate for services rendered but also in the areas of unrealistic and unreasonable expectations.

Today I wrote on facebook that: so it's illegal to drive and engage in a phone conversation in some countries....yet worldwide, multitasking skills distinguish a competent employee from an incompetent employee.

It's true isn't it? We know the challenge that concentrating on more than one thing at a time presents. We make legislations against some of these multitasking ventures because, frankly you can lose your life by splitting your focus. (Once I ran into someone's back because I decided to check my phone because I had received a text....which turned out to be a PCM or Please Call Me. Another time, a bottle of water fell off the front seat and I instinctively grabbed after it since the cap was off and I was very thirsty....the result? A major three car collision. Yeah!)

All Smikles would see my point in this regard. They may disagree with the following:

What is the point of expecting an employee to do several duties at one time 5-7 days a week and each time come out on top of things? Honestly. Smikle might say, Oh no! I have a good relationship with my employees, they know I'm understanding. Ha! Yeah right. That's what you say to the press Smikle. When you come on various talk shows talking about how much you want to see our country do well and that's why you invest in the youth. Garbage, Smikle. If that were so, you wouldn't demean both your young and old employees by insulting them, raising your voice at them, humiliating them, firing them, tricking them and writing them memoranda when they mess up because they reveal that they are not so great at multitasking.

You see Smikle, you are cubbitch. You love money too much. Your bottom line is money. So, you sort of see yourself as a cattle farmer. The employees with the blessing of perfect coordination plus ability to stay and work for long hours because they live to work - these are the cows and bulls that get you the most money for their beef. The employee that is superb at doing a few things at a time but is a disaster at accomplishing several things at one time....this employee is the back foot of the cow - no one wants to eat the cow's back foot.

Pity, you couldn't employ cows to run your corporate office Smikle. Maybe you will be able to one day. For now, please remember that an employee is not a cow, bull, cow's back foot, cow's front foot. Neither is he a robot. She is a human being, just like you. You hurt, she hurts. You bleed, she bleeds. You make her life a living hell, she starts to plan her revenge.


bebestella said...

Oh gosh!! this is soooo good! When am I going to be able to write like this? Dang woman!

Bun out a smikle mi seh!!!

Jaquanda Rae said...

scubaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!! A comment! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! lol.