Sunday, October 11, 2009


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for this day. Thank you for life, love, family, friends. Thank you for poetry. Thank you for my sister who now writes poetry. Please bless and keep her and make her strong and happy in her craft. I pray for her daughter, my niece who will be six in November. Help her Lord to enjoy her childhood and to look back on it with fond and pure memories when she is a grown woman. I pray Lord Jesus that she will not be robbed of her innocence prematurely. Children grow up too fast these days.

Dearest Jesus, please bless and keep my other sister and her family. I pray Lord that she will come unto you and wrap herself and her family in your tender mercies. Thank you for blessing my family with this sister, Jesus. We know you have chosen her to be the rock that we can lean on at all times God. I just pray eternally that both herself and my other sister find strength in their love for You, themselves and others. Thank you God for giving me good role models and exemplary figures of strength to emulate.

Dear Lord, please bless and keep my beautiful, giving mother. Thank you for giving her to me, she is my special gift from You and I pray that there will never be a day that she will not know how special a gift she is. Bless her in her troubles
and tribulations, enrich her laughter and happiness in her good times. You have made this woman so strong Lord and I pray fervently that you strengthen her even more. Thank you Lord Jesus for providing me with such a good, caring, provider and friend.

Dear God, please bless and keep my father. I pray Lord that he will have many happy days and days of comfort and pleasure. I pray that my father will not only be the breadwinner and the leader of the family but also the spiritual leader of our family. I pray Lord that my father will take it one day at a time and that the rest of us in the household will follow his example. I pray Lord that our family will only grow closer and stronger in our love for each other and You, Lord Jesus.

Lord, hear my prayer as I come to You with my arms lifted up. Create in me a clean heart, O Lord and renew a right spirit within me.

Lord, I pray for myself Lord. Lord please forgive me for my sins, my pride, illwill, every bad and selfish thing I have done. Forgive me for my self pity and dear God, in your son's name I pray Lord for the strength to go on day by day. Dear Lord, I pray that I will be slow to feel sorry for myself but quick to always rejoice in my myriad blessings. Thank you for my many blessings Lord. I feel your love even now as I type. Thank you for never forsaking me. I love you Lord. Help me to love you the way You deserve to be. Thank you, Jesus.


Sucharita Sarkar said...

May God grant you happiness and peace. And great to have you back and know about your family.

bebestella said...

Wow... this is a beautiful prayer sis. It did not fall on deaf ears. God hears our most earnest thoughts and grants our prayers by and by. I'll continue to pray for us all as you do too. Love you! xxx