Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Suh Mah Seh Shan

Translated as Summer Session.

I'm not sure if begging for forgiveness would go down alright....I won't be patronizing.

Law school has officially gone on summer break. I've been away from the blog for months as my online friends can see. But I figure I could come back and make two chat (sound off a lil).

First up, I have once again, entered a poetry competition. As an old friend of mine's acquaintance says "You never stop wanting it."

I never stop wanting to win. When I don't (this happens a lot)I might be bummed for a while but I ultimately get over it and try my luck one mo gin (one more time).

I guess this translates also to various aspects of my life. One is my wellness. I keep trying to lose weight, throwing in the towel then starting over. This summer I'm on a mission, beyotch. By August I should be at least 15 pounds lighter. I'm daring my own fries, banana chips, cheese trix and white bread loving ass. Sigh. I'm going to do this because I can.

Ok gang, the summer has just started. Let's drink to good art, good hydration and good wellness habits. Dis Year Mi A Guh Bih Di Winnah (This Year I'm Going To Be The Winner.)


Sucharita Sarkar said...

Great to have you back...sass, ass and all!!! And best of luck with the poetry! To me, your poems have always spoken truly and deeply.

Paul Bernard said...


Nice to see you blogging and still writing poetry.

Good luck with the competition. Are you able to put it online or does that contravene competition rules?

'You never stop wanting it' - too true. ;-)