Saturday, October 11, 2008

Do You Believe In Dreams: The New Wave

For the second time, I had a dream that was significant enough for me to remember and actually write down. It's 3:34 am and I'm up blogging about it. I believe in dreams a lil bit...

The dream is...

set at my alma mater. It starts out with me walking from the fifth form big tree to the quadrangle to have a talk with my dear husband. My husband is a high ranking army official who is also a semi-alcoholic. He is a mixture of different guys I've liked/dated: older, brilliant, someone I esteem, a writer, an authority on something I love.

We haven't been intimate in months. So, I go to him requesting that he pay me a matrimonial visit in the night. He looks conflicted then agrees; liquor fumes are coming from his throat. I am quite excited by what promises to cure all my minor ills.

The night comes, he doesn't show.

The next day I go to him to find out why he didn't come. He unravels to me that he's not happy in the relationship, that he wants a divorce. That he's married to the army and can't deal with my needs too. (Apparently, fiction is my life.)

I accept it. I don't fight him for himself. I go to the school library to search and see if my book is on the shelves. You see, in the dream, I've gone into self-publishing and published my first novel.

It is there. It is called The New Wave.
Paperback. Interesting cover. Not too thick, not too thin. The book I remember from the blurb, talks about the relationship between the fish and the sea , the hairline between being here and being gone. I remember being impressed by the blurb, opening and starting to read the first chapter then being so excited that I have to stop to call my husband.

He answers.I ask him for his opinion on ways of getting my book out to a broader audience. He rattles off various outlets and says he is pleased. This is where I say his name - "Alex". I am very happy that he has given me useful information. I feel a bond with him. Even though he wants nothing more to do with me.


Paul Bernard said...

Simple thing then. Your dream is telling you to write a book or pursue some similar artistic endeavour as your life's work.
It may also be telling you that a guy you like probably isn't interested!

Jaquanda Rae said...

lmao. thanks.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Interesting that in your dream professional success and personal happiness do not go together, in fact, they seem antipathetic. Why do you feel so, as Freud would say, sub-consciously?

Jaquanda Rae said...

Well, maybe the two of them together is not the real problem. Probably I'm just a tad jaded and even my dreams know this.