Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Leaving Jamaica, Returning to Jamaica

So much has happened since I last blogged. I spent a month in the sleepless city of New York.

While I was there I dreaded and wished for serendipity in the form of an old flame. Thankfully, I was and am alone.

I took the subway on my own all the way from Bronx to Brooklyn . It was pretty interesting, very scary at first and especially on the last train since it was a "pap dung" (dilapidated) J Train that had none of the nice PA features of the other two trains. I fretted that the various clumps of bodies would block me from seeing the signs on the platforms. But it turned out fine.

I also took the train to Manhattan on a different occasion with my Trinidadian friend and his sister.
That was much more enjoyable and we had quite an adventure walking from 42nd Street to 34th Street while turning down side roads in between.

I also enjoyed a day at Dorney Park in Pennsylvania. Water rides to kill. I went on a ride called Talon: The Grip of Fear. When I came out, I was drenched in sweat and hoarse. I closed my eyes for most of it, chicken.

The strangest thing to happen to me occurred every time I babysat my 5 year old cousin. From the first day til I left, he would get down on his knees and rub his lips against the stubble on my legs. He became a pro at informing me when I had hair. I guess I had hair every day because he lip rubbed every day. It felt very strange but I gave him a break.

The food I could do without. However, that didn't stop me from gaining 7 pounds.

I saw Dark Knight [Blu-ray]. I can fully appreciate that Heath Ledger may have been tormented in his last days because that is arguably one of the best villain portrayals ever. I loved when he had on the nurse's uniform. :)

People work very hard in the States. Working is probably a hobby for my aunt. While I was there for the month, she took one day off. The other days she worked.

The flight home was marred by an awful two and a half hour delay on the tarmac. I figured to myself that my yardie existence was coming back quick, fast and in a hurry...I was traveling on the one, the only - Air Jamaica Daron LP04113 A310-300 Air Jamaica Nc

I never missed home until I saw the land from above on my flight back. I felt a lump then. I was so happy when the plane landed. As I made my way to Immigration, I heard my name being paged and that I was to go to the Baggage Claim area. I experienced a delusion of grandeur and figured that my sister's friend who works in Customs would be arranging for me to leave in good time. I had a lovely conversation with an Immigration Officer who commended me on my blouse (which read "I"m So Hot That I'm Jealous Of Myself"). Making my way to Baggage Claim in a lovely mood, I went over to the Air Jamaica booth to find out why my name was called. One of my suitcases was left in New York.

I remember how nice the lady at JFK had been. She had liked my shirt so much that she allowed me to check in the said suitcase which was slightly overweight, without paying. At the time, I figured I was blessed.

The suitcase came three days later. I feared things would be stolen. Thankfully, all my belongings were as I had packed them, none missing.

I needed to leave Jamaica for a month. The jokes are the sweetest and so is the pain - the sweetest because it hurts so much you have to laugh. Sometimes, you need a less colourful accent, food and experiences. I soaked up solitude for a month and it was bloody excellent.

Now, back to this Play called My Life.


Jaquanda Rae said...

damn, this is a good one, ha ha....facebook influence - commenting on my own post :)

Anonymous said...

well if noone else does, why the hell not! lol! Good one sis. I always enjoy reading ur stuff, Ms immigration vip. dwl!!