Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Mother's In My Skin

I can't do without my mother. In the simplest of ways too. She pisses me off sometimes, and when she does I feel like telling her a piece of my mind. The bewildering thing is, if I do give a slight attitude, in the next instant, I'm dreading that she'll be pissed off with me. I can't manage that. When she is silent or unreceptive to what I'm saying, I feel like a gun-toting leper. Better for me to stew and then forget about it. (Majority of the times I do.)

Today was a classic example of how well I know my mother. We were in the kitchen preparing dinner and talking. Something was said and I became really angry. So, I kinda gave a blank silent stare to something she was showing me. I left the kitchen and came back, slightly worried that she wouldn't talk to me. She didn't. I noticed she was singing but the notes were clipped. The singing continued as she went upstairs to make dog food.

I went down the road to a neighbour then returned home. She was still singing but now I rejoiced that the notes sounded happy and twirled up. I figured she was calm again. So I asked her a question and she responded in a normal way.

I love this about my Mom. She doesn't stay angry with me. I love even more that I can't stay angry with her. This I believe is a healthy relationship.


jyotsana said...

my mothers in my skin......what a soulful title. i feel everyone is going to respond to that. and beautifully said.... small things show how much we love or r lovd. nobody ever behaves the way a mom is a complete home in herself.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Hey, how right you are, moms are for quarrelling freely and making-up without bearing grudges, aren't they? In most other relationships, the baggage of "I'm sorry", and "why did you do it?" becomes too heavy sometimes. With moms, you can just BE, attitude, dramatics and all!