Friday, May 2, 2008

Spiritual Timepiece

My sister bought me a watch from her Avon supplier. It's a very cute watch with a leather band and a face that has five footprints in it. The 12 is represented by a cross. At first, I had just liked the gold footprints, finding them unexpected and artsy. But when I saw the cross, I said to my Mom, "This is a spiritual watch. It means that we are on a path with God."

Then, I turned it over. I looked on the back of the watch. Inscribed on it was "It was then that I carried you."

An instrument of time, telling me that God walks with me through every stage of my life, carrying me when I'm too weak or too sick or too angry to go any further. How many times have I said "I wish this never happened"?

It doesn't matter...all the bad things that happen to us. God is there with us through everything. I became very sick last year. The doctor said I'd be hospitalized for three weeks. Instead, I was out of the hospital after 9 days. I get extremely spiritual when I get ill and I seem to forget the importance of God when I'm in great spirits.

Not this time.
Every time I look at the time from now on, when I'm deciding whether I should run the red light to meet my deadline, or fume at how late someone is or is making me...I'll remember what I've been through and who it was who got me through and who it is that makes me know what it is to be loved.

"It was then that I carried you."


Sucharita Sarkar said...

What a lovely watch and a lovely piece of writing about you. Though we are Hindu by birth, at school we learn a lot about Christianity. One story we read in the "moral science" classes was about a man who sees two sets of footprints on the sand. He asks God, who replies that they belong to the two of them, as God is always by our side. After some time, only one set of footprints can be seen. The man, scared of being abandoned by God, asks Him about it. And God replies, that this was for the time when He carried the man.
The watch and the story have the same message, haven't they?

Paul Bernard said...

Hi, apologies if I have been your undoing, spiritually, with the bad language.
I don't know your priest, but I'd be surprised if he was offended. Priests have to hear a lot worse things from their flock. I mean, you could read 'Deserved' like it is a confession to a priest. After all, there is hope of salvation in the last line...