Friday, May 30, 2008

Bruce - The Ghetto Gladiator

Jamaica's Prime Minister, Bruce Golding is clearly our ghetto gladiator. In the Jamaican ghetto, there is widespread illiteracy and lack of schooling. Crime and violence too, but these two are not germane to my thesis. My thesis is: only someone uneducated and illiterate would state that they'll refuse to allow homosexuals to be a part of their Cabinet ( body of ministers in power).

(Before I unleash, I'd just like to say that I'm a second generation slum dweller, my parents grew up in depressed areas and they are in no way illiterate or uneducated. My statement about the ghetto does not apply to all ghetto dwellers.)

Bruce Golding had the gall to come on international TV (a British program called Hard Talk) and state that he won't allow any homosexuals to be a part of his Cabinet. He threw a cheap shot and said the other Jamaican political party might do that, but he won't.

All around - banks, markets, supermarkets, college, among my friends- I hear "A my Prime Minista dat" (That's my Prime Minister).
Even staunch PNP supporters (Golding heads the Jamaica Labour Party, JLP...the opposition party is the People's National Party, PNP) make comments like "well mi bun out labourite but mi affi geet up fi Bruce fi da one deh (I don't support JLP, but I'll give it up/support Bruce for this statement.)

My mother was the one who told me about the interview and the comment he made. Similarly, she was glad that as our Prime Minister, he stood up for what he believed in.

So, this is a power struggle yes? First world countries love to dictate to Jamaica and instruct us on how to live our lives? They sending down groups to talk to us about changing buggery law so we must show dem (them) that wi nuh tan so back (we're not afraid of them)? All a dem big trade agreement? We nuh business (we don't care)!

This is clearly the consensus. I said to my mother as I am saying now:

1.What is Bruce going to say when his big talk leaves Jamaicans eating dirt?
2. How can you tell that someone is a homosexual if they don't proclaim it (which they shouldn't, how many people go around screaming, "I'm heterosexual" - it's completely unnecessary.)
3. When did sexual preference interfere with a person being a good statesman or woman?
4. Just how much power does Bruce really think Jamaicans have, for him to be making irresponsible statements that will leave us at the mercy of international aid?
4b. Could Bruce possibly believe that Jamaica can be self reliant at this time? When his agricultural minister went under so much fire for his suggestion to find alternatives to imported rice such as local cassava?
5. When did filling out a job application ever include the applicant stating sexual preference?
6. Could Bruce just be dumb or is he trying to get more votes? At the country's expense?

I really wonder what is in store for this country. With asinine statements coming from the leader of your country, what's next? An award for terrorists?


Anonymous said...

Well said Jaquanda Rae. Jamaica seems to be eons away from sexual liberty. In Europe, a person's worth is not based on sexual preference, but on what skills and experience they bring to a role. As a matter of fact, it is against employment law to discriminate against a job applicant because of age, race, sex, disability or sexual preference. Jamaica will soon learn that hanging on to old-fashioned prudishness is going to result in them being left way behind.

Jaquanda Rae said...


Jaquanda Rae said...

I don't believe how prophetic my last line was in this! More commentary coming up!