Monday, April 21, 2008

Soundtracks at 24 1/2

These days I either sit or jump rope at home. School began last September but after a month I wasn't ready for it. So I went to work. And quit by February this year. So I've been home relaxing and exercising.

Sometimes, songs run through my head, almost like my personal soundtracks. When I think about my present activities I hear "sitting here in limbo" by Jimmy Cliff. A great song, however I don't remember most of it...just - sitting here in limbo. I wonder how it will all pan out...if I can make up for lost time (does anyone ever do that?). I suppose it would help if I took the days one at a time. Sometimes, I just wonder though.

Tomorrow, I'm going to listen to poetry, which is my favourite night out. The last time I went, I bucked up someone I really needed to not see. And strangely enough, I handled it like a star. So, all of today I thought of my favourite Mary J Blige song, No More Drama...especially the part where she sings "I don't know, only God knows where the story ends for me, but I know where the story begins. It's up to us to choose whether we win or lose, and I choose to win." Yeah baby, I win, you'll never beat Benson Winnifred Payne

Floetry has become my favourite music group. They sing poems. Unfortunately, it seems like they've disbanded. Their songs have made me make major life decisions, some for the better , some for the worse. One night, I lay with my boyfriend at the time and we listened to Flo'ology together. It still remains a treasured memory because he's not really into poetry and that sort of artistic stuff. But he has an open mind so he listened and it made us bond more. Floetry has a song called "Feelings"...and it is so true, relationships are always about feelings... too many or too little. When I heard that song, it saved my relationship for a long while.

Hey You is another outstanding song from their first album Floetic. This song made me drop deeply in insane love and this song also pulled me out. This song and also Heather. And all it came down to was a certain phrase:

Me: Hey You
Person: Hi

Right now, Floetry is not on my soundtrack. I haven't had an intense thought in months. I haven't written a poem I'm completey satisfied with in many months. I suppose the intensity from before has exhausted me. Nowadays, I'll laugh with the mundane...maybe tomorrow I'll see the dub poet Soup Bone bidding men to "feel up di titty dem" ...and I'll laugh...again.


Paul Bernard said...

Floetry eh? Interesting stuff. Might just go and check them out.

Paul Bernard said...

I played some Floetry on YouTube.
The first one I played was called 'Say Yes'. I was quite impressed with this. Not a bad tune. But I wasn't as taken with the other tunes. It sounds like a lot of English RnB from the 90s.
Say Yes sounds more modern and a bit more sexy. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Floetry is music from the soul of man. I agree, they are a sexy duo.Say yes has always been a favourite and somehow it touches my inner core and arrests every flowing particle in my body. 'Butterflies'you may call it. Whatever it is, Floetry is soul.

Jaquanda Rae said...

Some Say Yes lovers in da hizouse main. Good to know.Floetry to di rerl (Floetry to the world).