Friday, April 11, 2008

Lady Bugs, Serendipity and Superstition

Last Sunday I sat on my verandah reading the newspaper. I was looking at the magazine section and suddenly a lady bug landed on my blouse. I took it up slowly and examined it. Was it really a lady bug? How many black spots are they supposed to have again? I decided to ask my mother.

Slowly, I got up, putting the paper aside. But it was breezy as it usually is and the papers went flying. I didn't want to lose my lady bug but I managed to keep that finger cocked while I secured the papers. Slowly, I walked to the kitchen.

"Mom, is this a lady bug?" Now, the tiny insect had been crawling about on my finger but now it froze. The kitchen was warm, not cool like outside. Mom confirmed that it was a lady bug. As she said yes, the darling creature flew beautifully off my finger and landed on the chicken wire gauze of the kitchen door grill. Then it slipped through one of the spaces and crawled about the outside of the grill. I put my finger on the grill, hoping that the lady bug would crawl from outside back into the kitchen onto my finger...

Then I came to myself. I said to my Mom, I'm going to write about this.

Two days ago, when my Dad came home from work, he said to me "I have a business proposition for you."
It seems that soon, I will no longer be broke.

In life, the beauty and goodness of a simple gift is a reminder that God watches over his flock constantly. Perhaps, my Dad sympathized with my plight and wanted to help. Perhaps, it was just a matter of time. I like to be superstitious sometimes. It's fun! I mean wouldn't it just be fascinating if the lady bug really gave me good luck?

I think my family circumstances have shaped me into a superstitiously-inclined person. My grandmother always told my sisters and me that we should marry men of a darker hue so that when we and our husbands are in our respective beds and we look at our feet, theirs will be darker than ours. She could also write three books on how to superstitiously take care of an infant. For example, if the baby is choking, blow in the baby's mole...I still don't know where the baby's mole is.

Then there is the very interesting fact that I live in a community that is sandwiched by two cemeteries.

Superstition can be silly, but sometimes it's cute and fun. In terms of the lady bug, I think it bestowed on me lady bug luck!


Paul Bernard said...

Why not have an insect that brings luck? As if luck is something, like a virus that is spread by touch, or a bite, or a kiss...
You left a comment on my blog last week in which you mentioned VS Naipaul. Well, I just thought I would tell you that, because of you, interesting me in this writer, I watched a BBC documentary on him tonight, exploring his life and works first hand. It was fascinating and I would like to thank you for it. I would have missed a most enlightening documentary without you.

Paul Bernard said...

Just wanted to say about your comments on Black Stump:
I haven't got a novel out or anything like that. I haven't even written one.
That would be something to attempt after finishing up these Daily Tales though. I kind of started them to see if I could keep going and maybe write a book. I guess if I had just written on one subject by now, instead of many small, disparate ones, I might have a novel by now. But I feel this process has helped me as a writer.
What I would like to ask you, is what was it that got you choked up when describing the black stump stories to your ex?