Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Sick, Hurray!!!!

I'm sick, boo bleeping hoo.

I usually say that in my fogged up mind (no pun intended) whenever I'm fluey or suffering from migraines etc. I usually take a while to see my General Practitioner and when I do go, I'm usually wheezing even though I don't have asthma.

The funny thing is I unconsciously enjoy being sick. I have this insane obsession with coughing up all the congestion in my chest; I'm thrilled by the sound of the mucus coming up. It gives me a rush! So, when I do have the flu or a bad cold I am always trying valiantly to lift the congestion even when all I have is a dry stiff cough. Some tell me that I'm exhausting my lungs but I tell them that I'm getting rid of my chest cold.

Similarly, I love hearing my voice when I have a sore throat and have lost my voice. It gets deeper and becomes gratey. I think it's incredibly sexy so I tend to talk no less and a little bit more when I've lost my voice. I use the phone just the same, I never rest my throat or voice. It is so crazy because some guys have told me that I don't sound so great but I know better.
My man voice is hot...that is, when I'm sick.

You ever get the feeling that someone is bragging about the procedure they have to go through at the doctor's office or hospital? In my family, it happens. This morning I decided to write about this topic because I found myself proudly telling my parents about my encounters with nebulizers. I told my Mom that on more than one occasion, I'd been put on a nebulizer, ending up fast asleep. I went on to explain that I was so deep in sleep that I drained mouth water on the pillow I was resting my head on. I was so proud to tell her and Dad! Dad I heard later on the phone, explaining his various medications given to him by his doctor. He sounded so proud to say that he was wheezing terribly and had, all by himself, made his sinus problem become a bronchial infection. He was talking to his friend.

One of my best friends' sister loves to get diarrhoea because her stomach gets nice and flat. Bravo for her!

Maladies sound as pretty as melodies. Can't do without them.


Anonymous said...


I found the blog rather interesting..the heading caught my attention and then I could not stop reading! Good thought went into the material. I like the whole irony of the situation. Keep up the good work.. I will keep posted to future materials.


Karen J.

Anonymous said...

Loving your contribution today. The vivid imagery and interesting soundbites shows some of the very creative dimensions of a budding writer/poet.

Keep the 'blog(spiration)' coming girl.


Sucharita Sarkar said...


what a perceptive and interesting post. You've hit the nail right on the head. I just love wallowing in self-pity when I am ill, esp. if my mom's around, just to get a little extra tlc and pampering. Being ill is one time when I can put myself first without guilt, otherwise it's always kids, spouse, house, etc.

BTW, even I liked Enid Blyton (as does my daughter), though I preferred Hansel and Gretel's adventures in the forest to Red Riding Hood's.

Jaquanda Rae said...

Karen J. is my sis :) I appreciate the way she spoke so "objectively" as if she was writing to a serious writer ;) MWA Karen!