Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm A Big Fan of Lindsay Lohan...WTF???

It really surprises me! (Thus the acronym). I am a big fan of LiLo.

The only movie I haven't seen with her is all the others I'll serendipitously find it on my tv one day. I've never spent money to see her on the big screen. But I really wanted to see Mean Girls at Carib Cinema when it came out. I ended up seeing it on cable.

Yesterday I watched Georgia Rule. At first, the movie seemed stilted and the acting didn't seem natural. But it grew on me and I started liking it. The cliche of the bourgeiosie - she has a sort of je ne sais quoi that I find appealing. Maybe I like her red hair almost as much as I like her voice. She's a decent actress...I find her acting cute. In a way she's like Whitney Houston and in a way she's nothing like her.

She's like Whitney to me in the sense that no matter how much drugs she takes, liquor she drinks, cars she crashes, times she gets arrested, men she steals- I will still like her. She has pretty average looks but to me she always has this glow that I like. (It could just be her hair, is her hair back to red though?).

She's nothing like Whitney in the sense of how much Whitney has achieved with her music. Even my dogs sang along with I Will Always Love You...joke. There is no singer for me who can give me the feeling Whitney gave me back in her heyday. Not even Keyshia Cole, and I really like Keyshia Cole. I know you shouldn't really compare an actress to a singer...wait a minute, says who? Who says you can't compare them? Especially in this case where Lindsay dabbles in singing and Whitney dabbles in acting. Whitney isn't the best actress and LiLo isn't the best singer. But Whitney has/had a voice that made the Star Spangled Banner the most beautiful anthem I ever heard sung. Lilo is coming into her own. She's younger so for now her acting is just cute. She'll grow.

No, this post is not I'm a Big Fan of Whitney! I'm still discussing LiLo. You ever see somebody and just like dem (them)? All (even) when dem (they) check in and out of rehab like is (it's) a spa? Yup. I like her. Big Up Yuhself Lindsay, Yuh Dun Know. (Mad Props to you Lindsay, You know that you've got "it").

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