Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"I will send you an email, a text, a fax, a tsunami"

Maybe I should have called this one Poetry and the Tsunami.

The title is actually a line from a dub poet, Lynch from LSX...I guess I'm giving them a bit of publicity.

At first, when I heard him say the line (I went to an open mic poetry event) I was baffled and passed it off as him being intoxicated by marijuana...Rastas are known to get inspired after smoking/inhaling the high grade in their challis. I laughed with my friends about the bizarre line and kept it in the back of my mind.

Only yesterday, three weeks after the event, it came up and I told my Mom about the line. She loves to ask me what things mean, so she did. And out of nowhere I realized and said: Technology is destroying the environment.

I never watched An Inconvenient Truth. The day I was supposed to watch it with my sixth form students, I got a terrible migraine and stayed home.
Maybe, if I had watched it, I'd have understood Lynch's line more quickly. The question of whether global warming causes tsunamis is very controversial - most scientists believe the idea is absurd, while a few are of the opinion that global warming could very much be a factor in causing the killer waves.

I am not so concerned about who is right and who is wrong in this post. I'd prefer to examine whether technology destroys the environment. I completely disagree. Technology does not destroy the environment - man does. Man creates technology and man uses technology. Man discards technology and makes new technology.

Man has a responsibility that many a time he shirks, deciding to take the lazy, irresponsible way out. That's why in Jamaica, people are still burning plastic bottles in their back yards. That is why too many factories are still dumping chemical waste in rivers and ending marine life. That is why fishermen go with dynamite and bomb the sea for catch, recklessly destroying the reefs.

It's all about human power. Human is power. Technology is not human. It is not power. It is service. Technology serves man and serves him well. Thus, I can deliver my thoughts for you to understand without you having to endure the torture of my crabtoe (bad penmanship). Thus, I can call my sister in London without having to walk to the seaside, swim across the Atlantic, up the Thames, dry off, buy a map, find her house to say "can I borrow your seashell earrings?". Thus, Americans can watch local programs and stop the program, rewind or fastforward then go back to normal with the use of TIVO. Technology is great.

Man, take care of your environment. If you don't, in the words of Baps from Anthony Winkler's The Duppy: woe be unto your backside.


Heather Ashley said...

man and his pursuit of the easier to travel well paved road...to hell...technolgy will progress to heights spoken of in the bible...what then..its already been developed.. just to be implemented..what now..
big up LSX =)

Paul Bernard said...

Nice blog.
Thanks for very kind comments on mine.