Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Politics and the slightly aware

Why is the present game of pin the blame on the donkey happening? Why should I spend my time watching news to hear bitter verbal attacks? You already won! The campaigning should be over...strangely though, the pyrotechnics of Mr. Bruce with regards to the budget do have me wondering "what now?" Is someone else going down?...the drain?

I must say that I still have my quick time JLP ads with "don't drag me into your little lying, dirty slimey tricks!" and "a wa kinda foolinish yaw gwaan wid Sista P?"...I think that's why I actually care how the country is run now - because I got in quite a few laughs at the PNP's expense.

We are worth something (the youth). I heard that a group of creative youth were behind JLP's success with the ads...I don't know how true it is but it makes me feel hopeful.

I think Mr. Kern should be applauded for his ability to be in touch with his emotions. Sometimes it's hard for men to cry; weeping and making the "it's not fair" motion with the head is not an easy thing to do...I wonder what the big house was like. My gardener revealed that he'd gone to jail once and this big "tusty" man had put on some licks on him (physical abuse). Maybe, Kern had to swim out of that jail cell after three days of tears...It's late. Bedtime.

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