Sunday, January 20, 2019


Sometimes I wonder if I met my soulmate before my husband.

There is a chance that I have.

But, the existence of a soulmate does not carry much weight in my priorities any more.

Sometimes, you will click so much with someone, you will connect cosmically. It will be at times like there is a secret code only the both of you are privy to decipher. Like the autistic child who decoded the crossword puzzles in the movie Mercury Rising. It happened to me.

But life also happened. We were both say the least. It hurt so much to realize that the cosmic connection was...not enough.

So, though I acknowledge this singular time in my history with men, it didn't preclude me finding love again. I did and guess what? It's a better love.

I discussed a partner I had once in my post called "What Is Love?" (I think....or was it "Contemplating Boots?" One or both posts!) I won't repeat that story.

There are certain things you learn about relationships after growing a few grey hairs from the stress. For instance, I thought I could identify love from the way a man looked at you. This is so very tricky. I have gotten it wrong every single time. I mean, I swore this guy was deeply in love with me because when we had our first real kiss...I opened my eyes first, and noticed his adam's apple as he swallowed hard, looking so vulnerable and in the moment.

PULL UP....Posted this years ago...I gave him the chance :)